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We here at Cowboy Cinema believe that you should know everything possible there is to know about us..alright..not really, but here's a few interesting facts about the people who work behind the set of Channel 22.

Sara Bowman

I'm a junior majoring in Speech Language Pathology. In my freetime (aka..when I'm not studying), I like photography, painting, eating, watching movies, hanging out with my boyfriend Brandon Bell, and tae kwon do. I'm involved not only with Cowboy Cinema, but I'm also a community president and a member of Allied Arts. You'll usually see me either on Kerr 3 with Brandon, or eating on campus. My future plans are to get my master's degree, work for 10 years, come back to college to get my bachelors degree in Business, and open up my own clinic. Oh yea...once I graduate, I plan to move out of Oklahoma..the weather just doesn't suit me very well.


Todd Kadtke

Hi, I'm Todd -- Architecture Design Senior and Trumpet Performance enthusiast. My second home is Colorado. My first home is the architecture building. Movies can be one of the most expressive and emotive forms art and communication, and I want to bring many great movies to the students of Oklahoma State University. My side of this page is a work in progress ;)